Solutions by Products

ITC AG is a creator of numerous software products for enterprises of the energy and water utility sector. Besides the production of an own standardised software, ITC AG is also an OEM supplier of software products for renowned partner companies.
ITC PowerCommerce®
The universal multichannel portal platform for businesses of the energy industry and water utility companies.
ITC PowerCommerce® MDE
The solution for mobile, integrated data collection and meter reading reports via smartphones and tablet PCs.
ITC PowerCommerce® EnMS Professional
The energy management platform for multi-site visualization and data analysis.
ITC PowerCommerce® EnMS Rechtskataster-Online
The online legal register for energy, environment and work safety.
ITC PowerCommerce® EnMS Energieaudit-Assistent
The online platform to structure preparations, implementation and support of energyaudits according to requirements of DIN EN 16247-1.
ITC PowerCommerce® SMP
The portal solution for the visualization of smart metering data.